About the Book

“Kate Wyer’s Land Beast is a stunning and important work of fiction, and its rhinoceros narrator is an unforgettable character, a lasting encounter with a life torn from the heart of the wild world. It joins recent books by Tania James, J.M. Ledgard, and Colin McAdam in exactingly rendering the consciousness of an animal, attempting to erase the Otherness we’ve made, to remind us of what we might have forgotten: how every living thing is another form of Us, who we mistreat at our peril. This is a beautiful and heartrending book, by one of my favorite new writers.”
—Matt Bell, author of Scrapper

Land Beast is based on a true account of a female rhino who survived having her horn poached. Her calf, however, did not survive. It is told from the rhino’s point of view. In addition, there are forty watercolor illustrations.